RESECS - multi-channel, multi-electrode DC resistivity meter system

RESECS - multi-channel, multi-electrode DC resistivity meter system

RESECS is a PC controlled DC resistivity meter system for high-resolution research, tomography and monitoring applications. Up to 960 addressable electrodes are connected via one single seven-core cable. Any pair of electrodes might be selected as current injector. Up to eight other pairs might serve as potential electrodes for simultaneous geoelectrical measurements (eight channel operation). The software controlled fast switching of electrodes results in a high data acquisition rate - up to a few thousand data points per hour.

RESECS displayRESECS: display online pseudo section and oscilloscope plot














RESECS with its integrated PC is cased in a robust, ruggedised and water proof box. Features of the portable stand-alone system are the flexible usage and convenience for any geometric configuration (Wenner, Schlumberger, Dipole-Dipole, etc. as well as user-defined configurations).

RESECS automatically selects all programmed electrode configurations. It optimizes input current and preamplification, corrects self-potential and displays online pseudo sections and timing diagrams of input and output voltage.

RESECS is able to store the complete timing diagrams in the internal data storage and yields DC resistivity as well as IP values.

RESECS includes continuous monitoring application

RESECS calculates geometry factor, potential difference, measuring current, self potential (potential offset), apparent resistivity, chargeability, spectral impedance, phase shift, standard deviation of potential differences and grounding impedance.